Energy Imaging & Healing

The institute offers its solutions and services based on BIOFIELD ENERGY SCIENCES which in turn utilize equipment such as ES COMPLEX, BIOFIELD VIEWER and QUANTUM WHOLE BODY HEALTH SCAN for assessment, analysis and diagnostics of chronic health problems and specific health conditions,
Symptomatic & Therapeutic Diagnosis is done through Safe, Non-toxic and Non-invasive assessment and analysis of Physical, Emotional and Psychological health, with imported, state of the art, benchmarked equipment and software from USA and India. .

ES Complex

ES Complex is very High-Tech complete body scanning system which provides information of Vascular Pulse wave, Cardiology & HRV (Heart Rate Variability), Tissue Parameters Measurement, Body Composition Measurements, PTG/SDPTG Values, PTG / SDPTG Waveform, HRV Analysis, HRV Records, HRV Geometric Analysis, ESG Values, ESG Geometric Analysis, Diet & Micronutrition, Health Care Solution, Digestive System Analysis, Brain Analysis, Cardiovascular Analysis, Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) Analysis, Genitourinary System Analysis.

1) Spectrometry Technology SpO2%, Digital Pulse Analysis & CO, Heart Rate Variability

2) Bio Impedance Technology EIS : Living Tissue state (Bipolar very low frequency) ES-BC: Body Composition (Tetra polar 50 KHz)

Biofield Viewer Imaging is a scanning system that is internationally recognised as the ultimate'Biofield Imaging System'. It reveals the interference of light patterns, at and above, the visible spectrum and shows energy dynamics at work. Biofield Viewer is used in many ways around the world, from medical and clinical research, to Biofield assessment and validating healing techniques. It highlights areas of well-being and dis-ease with clear patterns and colours.

Biofield Viewer Imaging is used by a variety of private individuals who use it to validate their treatment methods. Biofield Viewer Imaging systems are also installed in a number of institutes for instance at MIT College World Peace Centre, Pune, India. Here it provides a valuable assessment method for complementary practitioners as well as allowing a significant database of case studies to be created for research into Biofield Viewer.

Scanning a patient enables a practitioner to make an Biofield assessment and it can give a better understanding of their health. Areas of well-being are indicated by a mixture of lighter, brighter, balanced and more harmonious patterns, symmetry and colours, with dis-eased and stressed areas showing as distorted, darker and congested pools of energy.